DARE Seminar – Entrepreneurial Behaviour

On Friday 12 May, the DARE Seminar “Entrepreneurial Behaviour” takes place at the University of Twente

In this DARE seminar, co-organized with the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS) at the University of Twente, we invite novel papers and presentations about research in which personality is brought into our understanding of entrepreneurial behavior in new ways. For example, we welcome proposals addressing the following questions:

  • How do entrepreneurial behavior and success vary depending on the motivation of the enterprising individual? How do entrepreneurial behavior and success vary depending on the social identity of the enterprising individual?
  • How do entrepreneurial behavior and success vary depending on the ‘dark side’ personality characteristics of the enterprising individual (e.g., traits and skills associated with mental disorders, such as ADHD, dyslexia, bipolar disorder, or narcissistic personality disorder)?
  • How do ownership structure and associated values (family business versus non-family business) affect the linkages between personality and entrepreneurial behavior and success?
  • Which dimensions of personality need to be considered in entrepreneurship education, and how, to effectively stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and success among e.g., students and academics?
10:15 Walk-in & registration The Gallery, Erlenmeyer
10:45 Welcome & Introduction to the theme Hein / Petra / Isabella, University of Twente
11:00 Start-Up Conditions, Start-Up Motives and Burn-Out Isabella Hatak, University of Twente
11:25 Mindfulness and Taking Entrepreneurial Action Marco van Gelderen, VU University Amsterdam
11:50 Coping with Stress of Psychological Barriers in Ownership Change Edwin Weesie, WU Business School
12:15 Coffee break (with sweets)
12:30 Understanding How Students Recognize Business Opportunities: A Simplified Prototype Sílvia F. Costa, University of Groningen
12:55 The Use of Imagination During Opportunity Recognition and Strategic Decision-Making: A Study Among Experienced High-Tech Entrepreneurs Arjan Frederiks, University of Groningen
13:20 Lunch
14:00 A Conceptualization of Intrapreneurship as Entrepreneurship within an Organizational Context Chen Fleisher, Utrecht University
14:25 Creative Leadership and Impact Scale-Up Menno van Dijk, THNK Amsterdam
14:50 Wanted: A Transformational Leader or Machiavellist as CEO. How Personality Traits Explain Individual Managerial Ambidexterity Sandor Lowik, University of Twente
15:15 Coffee break (with fruit)
15:30 The Distinct Effects of Overconfidence and Optimism on Entrepreneurial Intention and Orientation Niels Rietveld, Erasmus University Rotterdam
15:55 Narcissism and Entrepreneurship Plato Leung, Erasmus University Rotterdam
16:20 A Three-Study Exploration of BIS/BAS Psychophysiology and Entrepreneurship Dan Lerner, University of Deusto, Spain
16:45 Wrap-Up Petra / Kasia , University of Twente
17:30 Drinks & Seminar End