The16: introducing our Student Entrepreneurs 2015/2016!

A few months ago, we made a call for young (aspiring) entrepreneurs to join The16 Student Entrepreneurs challenge. Out of all the applicants, Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship and nominated 25 promising entrepreneurial students to be assessed by a professional jury. At the Opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 14 candidates were announced to participate in this years’ daring challenge.

The project

The16 Student Entrepreneurs will kick off the project on Thursday December 16th at the ACE Venture Lab at Amsterdam Science Park. In April 2016 they will travel to New York, Boston and Toronto. The students will be challenged to collect funding for all expenses of the trip by using their excellent entrepreneurial skills. The Dutch Center for Entrepreneurship and will offer their expertise to help The16 in planning a successful trip.

Each individual candidate is required to make a small investment of 250 euros at the start of the project which they can earn back in revenue from their business endeavors. Former The16 groups have been able to do so successfully. The16 has previously traveled to Turkey, China, Boston and San Francisco. The16 challenge offers candidates an opportunity to meet professionals worldwide and get acquainted with different entrepreneurial landscapes. This video shows an impression of the Boston/San Francisco trip in 2011:

2015/2016 candidates


2015/2016 candidates

The16 normally consists of a maximum of 16 driven and talented students. The groups’ size depends on the level of motivation and entrepreneurship the students exhibit in their application. This year, the jury chose 14 students that showed the most aptitude to complete the challenge successfully. This is our complete list of this year’s candidates:

Ali Wazir (VU) – Daan Pruijssers (HvA)
Elisabella Hu (EUR) – Femke de Kruif (HvA)
Jolijn van Sleeuwen (TU) – Maurice Stam (UvA)
Nathan Kizilirmak (UvA) – Perla Pisani (AUAS)
Rome Commandeur (VU) – Ruben Roël (EUR)
Shannon van Hoorn (VU) – Thi Nguyen (HvA)
Wilbert Bekendam (HUAS) – Zabi Wahedi (AUAS)

The group is a mix of bachelor- and master level students. They derive from a multitude of professional backgrounds in entrepreneurial study programs as well as other fields of study such as Industrial Design and Aviation Studies. However, they share one common interest; their passion for entrepreneurship!

Congratulations and good luck to all participants!

For more information on The16 challenge, visit: 


Many thanks to our professional jurors who helped us tremendously in selecting the final candidates for our 4th edition of The16 Student Entrepreneurs:

Prof. dr. V. (Vinod) Subramaniam, rector magnificus Vrije Universiteit
Mr. Wim Boomkamp, voorzitter Saxion Hogescholen
Ms. Maaike de Reuver, founder WECANTEEN and The16 alumnae
Mrs. Caroline Steenvoort, Global Head International Services Rabobank
Mr. Derek Roos, CEO Mendix
Mrs. Sandra Brandenburg, co-founder and CEO