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On the 18th and 19th of March, a few of The16 Student Entrepreneurs were present at the START Summit to fulfill an assignment for KPN Ventures. With over 1500 (inter)national attendees and 300 founders the summit is one of the largest entrepreneurship start-up conferences in Europe. START Summit aims to connect students and start-ups with investors, corporates and media through workshops and speaker sessions in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The START Summit took place in the Olma Messen hall in St. Gallen. Both days were filled with lectures, workshops and a start-up battle.

the16 - 1There were a lot of different booths for start-ups and corporates to promote their brand and get in touch with international students.

One of the lectures was by Dr. Gerhard Lohmann about the top 3 mistakes start-ups make. Lohmann is an investor, former Managing Director asset management at Credit Suisse and current CFO Reinsurance at Swiss Re.

The first tip he gave to start-up founders was: “Choose the surfer, not the wave”, meaning: With a great team you can make an average idea excellent. An average team with an excellent idea will not always succeed.

According to Lohmann a good teams consists of people that have:

  • Ability to solve conflicts;
  • A sense of responsibility (being able to realize a mistake and learn from it);
  • Commitment (people that get up in the morning, knowing the water is ice cold, but still do the job and swim).

The last tip he had for start-up founders was: “Get out there and execute your idea: make a concrete plan of your idea or assumption and get it validated. Keep testing and make conclusions of the responses you get. Pivot until you’re satisfied with the results or until you’ve bumped onto a success”.

the16 - 3It was very inspiring to see speakers from different industries and backgrounds giving lectures to young students and start-up founders. The two-day summit made us realize not to give up and keep aiming for our goal. We are quickly nearing the deadline of getting in enough sponsors to reach our goal. Our team is still busy finding other ways to get in the last few projects to cover the costs. Are you interested in collaborating with a diverse team of entrepreneurial students? Let us know via www.the16.co!

This blogpost was written by Elisabella Hu from the16 Student Entrepreneurs.