| The16 Guestblog | Ready for take-off!

We are ready for take-off! After months of hard work, we are about to reach our destination. First stop: Toronto. We are all so excited; The16 2016 is coming to North America!

The last couple of weeks were a little more tense than expected. Were we going to make it? There were some things we should have done better, and some things we still needed to arrange. Could we all work hard enough to achieve the goal? Well, the answer is: “yes, we can!” That tension is shaken off, because we made sure everything was set for us to explore the entrepreneurial economy on the other side of the ocean!

However, there is an important question I want to appoint: there are only three women left in the group! This raises the question whether this is a coincidence, or may represent the average man-woman ratio in the business world. Was the stress too much, or was the task too big for an extra-curricular project? What is the difference between men and women with regards to handling stress? We will discuss this the upcoming days, but currently we are all excited about what is ahead of us: from meeting extraordinary businessmen, to amazing start-ups, meetings with students at Ivy-league universities and even arranging our own networking event. The schedule is so tight, that as soon as we arrive we will have our first appointment. We will not waste any time during our stay, and will not miss any opportunities to learn during the mission.

By the time you will read this, we will be on the plane to our first stop: Canada. During our trip, we will make vlogs in every city, to show you what we are up to and show our experiences in real-time. We want to thank everyone who sponsored us and helped us make our goal possible!

This blogpost was written by Romé Commandeur of The16. Follow their journey on our website and over at www.the16.co. You can also follow them on Twitter