The battle for the Dutch title ‘Student Company of the year 2016’

After months of work, the 10 best student companies will compete for the Dutch title on June 6. Come to this years’ national finale of the ‘Student Company of the year 2016’ in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht and watch the pitches of the finalists.

During the program, student company, students establish their own company and run this for one school year. They divide functions, determine their target group, brainstorm about the product, write a business plan, sell shares and goods and provide a financial overview. Students experience in a practical way what it’s like to run a business. They learn where their talents lie within an enterprise and the role that suits them best.

The finale is the phenomenal ending of the year. The finalists will be assessed by a professional jury. The students have to convince them in three rounds: jury interview, stand presentation and the pitch for the general public. The winner may represent the Netherlands during the European Finale. The overall program is as followed:

13:00 – Doors open
14:00 – Start plenary program
16:00 – Break
16.30 – Awards ceremony
17.00 – Final gathering

Who will be the best of the Netherlands this year? We hope to see you on June 6, quickly sign up here! For details on the location, click here. N.B: The main language in the finale will be Dutch.