Rotterdam: Your innovative and technical idea to make the port safer, more efficient and sustainable!

Pitch your idea to innovation managers and directors of various port companies: the smartest port is looking for you! 

Rotterdam. A city known for its pioneering spirit and generations of entrepreneurs and innovators. This boundless ambition has shaped the city and its port. Port of Rotterdam is  front runner when it comes to innovation. Port of Rotterdam strongly believes in cooperating with startups to ensure this position in the future, they activiley scout startups and match them both internally to Port of Rotterdam authority as well as externally to corporates in the port. Aside from this, Port of Rotterdam supports startups with incubator and accelerator programmes, in obtaining licenses, finding workspace, shared facilities, etc.
Port of Rotterdam and YES!Delft join their forces and ambitions in Port Innovation Lab. Port of Rotterdam and its wide range of companies are looking for entrepreneurs with smart solutions for the port. Ideas that make the port safer, more efficient and sustainable.

During AccessDay (20 September) innovation managers and directors representing different companies from the port(-industrial complex) of Rotterdam will be at YES!Delft to hear about your idea. Do you have a business idea or startup with massive potential impact on the port of Rotterdam? This audience is willing to hear your idea and support your entrepreneurial efforts by exploring a possible partnership.
Who are we looking for? 
This event is for everyone with an idea for the port. From early stage startups, PhD’ers, students, corporate teams with a good idea that has yet to be validated and developed into a viable and scalable business model. But also for (almost) market ready ideas –  with a defined proposition and business model, which (with minor modifications) are already workable and scalable and almost ready for a (commercial) pilot, launching customer and/or investor. Preferable within the sectors:
– Transport & logistics
– Energy
– Chemicals & Refinery
– Maritime

Application date: before 8th of September!

For more information and application visit the website!