Review: Snelkookpanweekend 2016

On the 22th of May, Theo Roos won the fifth edition of the Snelkookpanweekend with his idea to distress employees and employers by ‘technostressreduction’.

In this ‘Snelkookpanweekend’ employees of the universities, the universities of applied science and secondary education teachers in the Netherlands were introduced to the minor entrepreneurship from the HvA (Amsterdam University of Applied Science). In teams they had to create a business concept from an entrepreneurial idea during this weekend. At Sunday every team pitched their business concept in front of a jury of experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The winner, Theo Roos, gets a half years coaching from the minor entrepreneurship to develop the idea and put on the market.

Theo Roos works as a secondary education teacher at Amstelveen College in Amstelveen. He was one of the secondary eduction teachers who got a wild-card via the VECON conferention. His idea to distress employees and employers by technostressreduction will be facilitated by an app which stops the visibility of the work related emails and digital message outside working hours. Avocado Media will support him in building this app and the website.