Meet 10 new startups selected for the ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp!

ACE Venture Lab selected 10 science and tech startups to participate in our Bootcamp – an intensive training program that offers unique workshops and mentoring from the best startup experts.


The 10 startups that are trained during the ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp (May 9-13, 2016) where:

  • UserSat provides a new and more reliable approach to evaluate user satisfaction specifically for mobile devices, allowing their customers to better evaluate and adjust their mobile app designs
  • Curatrix helps diabetes patients measure their blood sugar levels throughout the day without any pain, leading them to measure more often and reduce long-term health effects of diabetes.
  • Tasst gives deaf-blind institutionalized clients a means of communication over a distance with their caretaker, which helps the caretaker respond to needs and dividing their time better among clients.
  • EPICS Labs focuses on chip design products for the niche Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) market, creating employment opportunities for the future in the Noord-Holland region.
  • Umance connects data from existing tools to their innovative injury prediction model, which calculates injury risks of individual football players to help prevent injuries.
  • Loqed allows consumers to receive packages when they are not home with the Loqed Smart Lock. The lock protects your home from burglars and adds the convenience of keyless entry.
  • Milestone P2P Fund is the first European cross border investment fund in P2P financed SME loans. Milestones specializes in SME loans that originate through online marketplace lending platforms.
  • Benchmark Solutions offers innovative financial planning software for individuals, companies and institutions which leads to effective monitoring and evaluation of the clients’ financial health and security.
  • The Language Academy offers online language courses to students, expats, professionals and anyone interested in learning or improving their language skills on the go, 24-hours-a-day without geographical limitations.
  • GRITT helps startups to unlock their full potential by providing data-driven insights in their team performance with a self-learning tool that tracks and predicts startup team performance.