14th Nov – Seminar Philips Innovation Award [MC4E]

14th Nov – Seminar Philips Innovation Award [MC4E]

Is your idea worth €50.000? The Philips Innovation Award, the largest student entrepreneur award in the Netherlands, organised for students, by students, is back! The Philips Innovation Award provides a platform in which participating students successfully transform their idea into a start-up. All participants will get personal feedback, practice important skills, receive coaching, and build a network of fellow young entrepreneurs.

Come to the seminar on the 14th of November at Launchbase! Don’t be afraid, Dare to Innovate!

Register here! https://goo.gl/forms/e3yjEyZEqNh7P54c2

We organise this event with our partner LaunchBase

Check our website for more info: www.phia.nl