Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Global Startup Communities

Successful startups can supply an impulse of innovation, job creation and economic development to a region. Worldwide ecosystems are being boosted to optimally stimulate the development of startups. Still these developments are hampered by scepticism, political theatre and lack of the proper infrastructure to develop a company beyond the startup phase.

To discover how to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which start-ups develop optimally, authors professor Erik Vermeulen (Tilburg University) and Mark Fenwick (Kyushu University) examine three aspects central to a modern startup ecosystem. They discuss the Local DNA of a startup community, the development of a global start-up community, and the use of the resources this global startup community supplies.

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By prof. dr. Erik P.M. Vermeulen and prof. dr. Mark Fenwick – This article is part of a series of publications within the theme Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems by SMO, powered by DutchCE.