Are you aware of your legal obligation to change the way your organisation handles private data collection?

The changes in the European law since January 1st actually mean that most Dutch and European organisations will have to change their approach to private data collection, privacy issues and data breaches. But not everybody seems to be aware if this fact!

The most SME (Dutch: MKB bedrijven) have non-existent privacy and security awareness. Now they are forced by law to make fast transformation to whole new way they deal with private data, according to Yuliya Sapega, managing director of IT-legal firm Legal is Easy.

How does it impact you as an entrepreneur? Put simply, if you do not take care of these issues and fail, you can be fined. The maximum fine is EUR 820.000 per data breach. The reason behind is that anyone who touches or has access to private data, is responsible in the case of a data breach. The ramifications of this are pretty broad.

Who are affected by this new law? All organisations – companies, government and other organisations – who deal with digital data of private persons!

For example, if you collect email address and names on your website – you are already affected by this law. These are:  E-commerce platforms, webshop owners, cloud-, Saas-, hosting-, Wifi- providers, apps. Developerssoftware vendors, device manufacturers, consumer service providers are third parties who are responsible for privacy – by design in their products. If you are an entrepreneur in the field of Fintech or Medical care digital platform, you have even more obligations, as the information you are dealing with is considered sensitive, and needs to be more protected.

Apart of the fines, the organisation involved may have bad publicity, which results in loss of trust by the customers. It is calculated that a quarterly profits drop at 46% followed the company’s notification of a substantial personal data information breach. Another reason to participate at the Business Talk on Thursday May 19th at A Lab.

This Business Talk is especially interesting for:

1. Start-ups and scale-ups whom are working with an online platform: SaaS, Apps, E-commerce, Fintech, Webwinkelier, Medical enterpreneurs, e.d.

2. Softwaredevelopers

3. Journalists

4. Everybody who collects, saves or prosesses personal data

During the presentation followed with Q&A Yuliya Sapega of Legal is Easy will answer all your questions.

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