Ambidextrous Organisations


Many firms are faced with the challenge to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. They are being pushed away by new companies, or made redundant by technological developments. 40% of Fortune 500 companies in 2000 did not exist anymore 10 years later. How can you retain your position as established player in the market? And what is needed to prevent your organisation is being pushed aside by change and progression?

To explore what is necessary to make success last and to make sure your company is still innovating after 10 years, professor Justin Jansen (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) discusses the ambidextrous organisation: an organisation that is able to both develop existing strengths as well as explore new paths.


This blog was published on the occasion of the How to Get There Summit on 17 November 2016 and is part of a series of blogs on the topic of Innovation & Entrepreneurship by SMO, powered by DutchCE.

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